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We will help your brand stand out. 

We have a world of opportunities and we think in new and creative ways to provide you with the best solution.

When it comes to expectations of budget and delivery timeframe, our focus is purely on the clients individual needs. The perfect strategy for targeting your audience is set from the beginning.

What we do best

Group 13

Corporate & product branding

We create engaging and brand-authentic products that emphasize your corporate branding, including marketing, communications and corporate social responsibility. Whether you work with corporate communications or product branding, employer branding or talent attraction, we create the products that consistently support your visual identity.

We develop products that tell the story you would like your audience to hear about your brand or your company.



Packaging is not only about how you present your product, but also a way of protecting and preparing the goods for transport. The way the product is packed or wrapped is an important first impression!



Clothing with company branding is used in many companies. It is often needed for conferences, campaigns, sponsorships, sporting events or internal workshops. Either tailormade productions or purchased from stock and branded accordingly. Click here to check out all the cool textiles we have on stock.


Action incentives

It might be desirable for you to have products that help your recipient to take some sort of action. This is what we call ‘action incentives. The purpose of this type of products can be to encourage talents to apply for a job (talent attraction), make new members sign up (for a members’ club or a union), to urge people to support a cause or to encourage to use/not use (nudging of prevention campaigns).



Merchandise is a market opportunity for most brands! The product can be branded to gain additional revenue as a sales object or give additional value to the customer in a sales campaign.